Creeping Fig (also known as Climbing Fig)

Ficus pumila
Moraceae (Mulberry Family)
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Whole Plant
Stem of Creeping Fig
Creeping Fig fruit
(Attributed to Forest & Kim Starr)
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Angiosperm, Dicot, evergreen


Depends on development of supporting structure

Identifying Features:

Evergreen, Alternate ovular leaves


Native to China, Vietnam and Japan. In United States does well in USDA Hardiness Zones 8-11


Flowers in Spring producing green ovular fruit which persist year round on plant

Water/Sun Requirements:

Very low water requirements (except when becoming established). Grows in partial or full shade, cannot grow in full sun

Special Adaptations:

Fairly drought tolerant.
Fast Growing.
Can grow on walls without exterior support
Puts down roots wherever branch touches ground also easily propagated using cuttings.

Other Info:

Can be grown as topiary (picture), as a hedge or in planters. Also works well as a ground cover.

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