Star Jasmine

Trachelospermum jasminoides
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Angiosperm, Dicot, evergreen


The star jasmine can grow to be up to 10 meters tall when climbing a tree, wall or other object.

Identifying Features:

The star jasmine has a woody stalk and oval, evergreen leaves with a shiny, waxy upper layer. The flowers have five white petals, creating a star-shaped flower. The flowers are very aromatic.


Star Jasmine was originally from Asia but it is now grown all over the world. It is very commonly used in gardens as a ground cover or climbing plant. It grows very well in a Mediterranean climate, but can also withstand moderately cold weather.
Star jasmine grows best in chalky, loamy or sandy soils.


The star jasmine produces small green fruit in the autumn

Water/Sun Requirements:

Star Jasmine grows best in full sun or partial shade, but it can also grow in very shady places as well. The soil that it is grown in should be moist but well drained.

Special Adaptations:

Although the star jasmine prefers moist soil, it can also withstand slight droughts.

Other Info:

Star Jasmine is not a true jasmine, although it is commonly mistaken for one due to its look and its fragrance. Because of the variety of growing conditions of the star jasmine and its evergreen leaves, it is a very popular garden plant. Its ability to live through droughts and its sweet sent that engulfs the area around the plant also add to star jasmine's popularity.

The star jasmine is also often called Confederate jasmine, Chinese ivy, or Chinese jasmine.

The leaves of the star jasmine sometimes turn a deep red in the winter, although the plant is considered an evergreen.

In China, where star jasmine originated from, the plant is used to make teas and other remedies. These concoctions are used to battle signs of age such as heart disease and arthritis. Star jasmine is able to help with these problems because it contains enzymes that serve as an anti-inflammatory.

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